Long Hours

So my days lately have involved working 7 am through until 9 or 10 pm. Hence the lack of blog posts the past 2 weeks. Rigth now there are two teams here at the same time: Living Waters Christian Academy with 20 people (14 of them are former students of mine) and Bearspaw Christian School (blog)of Calgary with 31 people (including a doctor). I dropped off a Kamloops Christian School team on Monday morning at the Aurora International Airport after spending the week working with them.

This past month I've been taking teams on home visits to sponsored children, tracking expenses (and standing in bank queues), driving teams to morning devotionals, moving dirt at a worksite, handing out medication at a 3-day medical clinic, setting up the medicine at the medical clinic, guiding teams through the Cobán General Hospital so they can pray for sick children and give gifts to new mothers, showing teams the caves of Rey Marcos, showing teams the cultural experience of making tayuyos in a Guatemalan home, leading evening devotionals, tracking new children in the sponsorship database and producing new packages, taking photographs at Purulhá, organizing a demonstration of special stoves for school families, emailing, ordering food for teams in restaurants, taking a team on an 8 km hike to the waterfalls of Chilascó, picking up and dropping off teams at the airport, deworming a school, and running around Guatemala City with Erick looking for Kia clutch parts. I can't remember everything, but that gives you an idea.

Tomorrow I'm headed to Tikal and Fray Bartolomé de las Casas for 3 days with the Living Waters team.

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Sirdar said...

Busy man. As long as you are enjoying the work, its not work. Hope its not work.