It's beginning. I'm tackling the monstrosity of producing a documentary. The bike trip is too important not to edit well and share with others. My goal is to submit it to a film festival this fall. I have completed 5 of 9 interviews so far and I've captured all of the video footage from the trip itself. I'm logging the interviews now - Zaak, Saison and Landon are done so far. I still have to get interviews from Amber, Will, Jessica, and Eric.

Yet to tackle - title, music, theme, animation, EDITING, exporting, submissions

Biggest worry - the resolution of the footage is 740 X 460. My computer monitor is 1024 X 768. So, I'm not expecting this to look good, I do hope the film will be interesting enough to overcome the grossness of the look.


I'm 17 today

I was baptised 17 years ago today by Pastor Laverne Schlehuber at the College Heights Church at CUC, AB. Coincidentally, I discovered my baptismal certificate today. I didn't even know I had one. It was tucked into one of my mom's photo albums that I've borrowed to scan some old photos.

I find that I know less about Christianity now than I did when I was 11. The more I learn of the modern church and about the behaviour of Christians, I recognize the huge dichotomy between Jesus Christ and the people (in general) who call themselves disciples. Though, I look back on the last 17 years and I discover that my freedom has grown, my walk with Jesus has come to some startling intersections and that God has put some true Christians in my path to urge me on in faith.