April 28 Snow Day

Got a call this morning at 6:30. School's cancelled due to snow! It's been snowing this week already. Along with wind and rain and cool temperatures. Everyone at school yesterday was speculating and hoping for a storm overnight.

I spent the whole morning video editing - I didn't even eat breakfast.

I'm so giddy.

Spring will just have to wait until next year.


We've had a leak from our bathtub tap since we moved here. I don't use the bathtub (I bathe, just not there) so it has never been on my radar for repairs until one morning when I wake up and it's all I can here. I spend the next 2 hours taking it apart, seeing if I can fix it.

I visit Rona and they tell me it is a free replacement part - guaranteed for life! But they do not have any in stock at the moment. The Delta distributor comes around every month with a box of 5 gadgets. He might be along someday soon they say.

My fidgeting makes the leak worse and now hot water is dripping and it drips twice as much as before.

I call Rona a few days later and the Delta guy was in the day before. There are 2 things left. I have them hold one for me and install the sucker that night.

There is now peace in my house. Plus I got to buy a couple tools!!


Book Review: The Day Metallica Came to Church by John Van Sloten

Since the end of January, I've been meeting with eight other people from my church to discuss a book my pastor wrote. His book, The Day Metallica Came to Church is being published this August and he wanted to bounce the ideas contained in it with some of the members.

Topically, the book examines the infinite possibilities of knowing God as the author of two books: The Holy Bible and Creation. Expanding the idea of creation from a typically "nature only" scope to culture and science and art and sport and indeed everything we find on this planet. Since God created everything, his fingerprints or pre-fall echoes lie in everything. With discernment, but also with an open mind to seeing/ hearing/ tasting/ smelling/ touching/ feeling/ reasoning/ etc. God in all we do and experience, we can draw closer to God and allow Him to speak to us in every present moment.

It's a great book. Buy it when it comes out (it will be on chapters.ca or amazon.ca).

We'd eat great food and then spend a couple hours discussing one of the chapters. We finished the last chapter last night. It was a great privilege to be able to read the book pre-publication, but more so to discuss it with the very insightful author - John Van Sloten.


Test Answers: Bible 7 Boys

Q: How does Solomon stray from God?
  • Because of his dad David
  • He takes lots of wives and concubines but he does not love them all equaly and that is wrong
  • He starts walking in the opposite direction
  • He got 1000 women to sleep with. After asking for all wisdom.
Q: Who are Chemosh and Ashtoreth?
  • They were eli's wicked sons
  • They were samuel's very bad sons
  • Sons of Saul
  • They were two priests who did not want to say were david was
Q: Give a lesson we can learn about David and include a brief description of the event in David's life that teaches us this lesson.
  • you should never underestimate you enemys because saul underestimated david and david snuck into his camp twice
  • snecking behind someonse back and lying can get you into some deep stuff. When david lied to the philistines.
  • you can never be too safe b/c he dies
Q: List the 3 books of the Bible that are said to have been written by Solomon.
  • ephrites
  • ephenece
  • Ephesians
  • corinthians
  • half of Saul
  • Song of Saul
  • Leviticus
  • Numbers
  • Deuteronomy
  • Saulms
  • Psalms
  • Kings 1st and 2nd
Q: List 2 events in Samuel's childhood.
  • He Ummm... he did stuff with his masters
  • He Ummm... he did stuff with other children


Acadia's Goals

A couple weeks ago, Acadia to her mom standing beside the car: "when I get bigger, I'm going to drive and peel things like you."

Back in the Editing Chair

It's spring break. I've only 7 of 16 days left, but I've achieved a fair bit on my 2 year project (that I haven't touched in 1.5 years). My film is called either Own Goats and Milk Them for What They Are Worth or For What It's Worth, Milk a Goat. [if one title strikes you as better than the other, let me know].

I spent the first couple days logging and importing all the footage and then reviewing all 5+ hours of footage and making notes. Most recently, I've been writing out the script as this film will be narrated (I hope Morgan Freeman is a free man). Sequencing the movie is tricky too because I want to follow the timeline and I have to carefully introduce tension and turns.

The movie will have to be subtitled as it was shot in three languages. That will be a fair bit of work - especially since for it to screen in Montreal, it will need English and French titling.

I'd like to have some animation done for biblical and journey portions. Salomé? My "Danny Elfman" is getting married this summer - gotta do some editing so he can get started. I should ask him first too. Justin? Once the film is complete, I have one year to get the film out to festivals. I'll be a bit more aggressive this time. Maybe get a publicist to help me out. Melayne?