Book Review: The Day Metallica Came to Church by John Van Sloten

Since the end of January, I've been meeting with eight other people from my church to discuss a book my pastor wrote. His book, The Day Metallica Came to Church is being published this August and he wanted to bounce the ideas contained in it with some of the members.

Topically, the book examines the infinite possibilities of knowing God as the author of two books: The Holy Bible and Creation. Expanding the idea of creation from a typically "nature only" scope to culture and science and art and sport and indeed everything we find on this planet. Since God created everything, his fingerprints or pre-fall echoes lie in everything. With discernment, but also with an open mind to seeing/ hearing/ tasting/ smelling/ touching/ feeling/ reasoning/ etc. God in all we do and experience, we can draw closer to God and allow Him to speak to us in every present moment.

It's a great book. Buy it when it comes out (it will be on chapters.ca or amazon.ca).

We'd eat great food and then spend a couple hours discussing one of the chapters. We finished the last chapter last night. It was a great privilege to be able to read the book pre-publication, but more so to discuss it with the very insightful author - John Van Sloten.

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