Test Answers: Bible 7 Boys

Q: How does Solomon stray from God?
  • Because of his dad David
  • He takes lots of wives and concubines but he does not love them all equaly and that is wrong
  • He starts walking in the opposite direction
  • He got 1000 women to sleep with. After asking for all wisdom.
Q: Who are Chemosh and Ashtoreth?
  • They were eli's wicked sons
  • They were samuel's very bad sons
  • Sons of Saul
  • They were two priests who did not want to say were david was
Q: Give a lesson we can learn about David and include a brief description of the event in David's life that teaches us this lesson.
  • you should never underestimate you enemys because saul underestimated david and david snuck into his camp twice
  • snecking behind someonse back and lying can get you into some deep stuff. When david lied to the philistines.
  • you can never be too safe b/c he dies
Q: List the 3 books of the Bible that are said to have been written by Solomon.
  • ephrites
  • ephenece
  • Ephesians
  • corinthians
  • half of Saul
  • Song of Saul
  • Leviticus
  • Numbers
  • Deuteronomy
  • Saulms
  • Psalms
  • Kings 1st and 2nd
Q: List 2 events in Samuel's childhood.
  • He Ummm... he did stuff with his masters
  • He Ummm... he did stuff with other children

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