The New Pornographers

This was a great show! and not just because I was about 20 feet from Neko Case for a couple hours (though that was pretty cool too). The music was energetic and fun. The artists gave it everything they could give on this first show of their North American Tour.

The Mountain Goats opened with great acoustic set, giving me several reasons to seek out more of their music catalog. I was particularly stunned with "Matthew 25:21" from their latest album The Life of the World to Come. Great talent here.

We met up with five folks from church who were very adept at fighting off the drunks who tried to push us around. (point and wink to you Gary and Cherilyn). We were in line only about 20 minutes before the gate opened and we still got to the front of the crowd on the left, so we had great sound and view the whole time.

The New Pornographers played a new set supporting their very listenable album Together which I have been listening to pretty steadily for a couple weeks. A little disappointed that they didn't play my favorite song on the album, "Valkyrie in the Roller Disco." They did let Neko belt out a few songs and the guitarist was fantastic - as was the cellist. Lots of sound!

*I stole the photos from Facebook.

Out in Rocky

On a rainy and chilly May long weekend, we drove a couple hours northwest to join my sister and her family (and later my mom too) at the Riverview Campground in Rocky Mountain House. Because of the weather, we joined Saison and Dean in their luxurious camper trailer for the first two nights, but did pitch a tent for the third night.

The campground is situated on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River (the same mighty river that carves its way through Edmonton). We spent a little time at the river, but it was cold, so we stuck pretty close to home when we could.

Our site was directly across from a great playground so the kids could play almost all day. Dean and I headed into town to see game 4 of the Montreal-Philadelphia game (not a good game).

Dean was keen on having a fire and a barbecue. We were keen on enjoying the fruits of his labour.

The weather cleared up nicely for the last couple days. It was great times as we played a little baseball (I got to climb a tree), some bocce ball, kids golf, Scrabble, and our new vice: Stone Age.

We also ate very, very well.

Here's to plenty more camping weekends!

The Puppet Master

Last weekend I was treated to a triple-header at a puppet theatre in my own home.

Blaise set up his mattress as a barrier in his room and prepared the shows, one of which he starred in with the puppets (the first).
The Sheep and the Giant
Teddy and Leopardy's First Time at Church
Leopardy Falls Off Her Bike
The shows were very professional and enjoyable.


Dinosaurs Walked the Earth

Blaise was up early this morning, so as I was about to get breakfast ready, he asked me if a number was a six or a nine. I asked him if the tail went up or down. It went up. Then he rushed over with an open book and exclaimed:
"Papa! Dinosaurs lived on the earth 69 years ago!"


Game of Tennis

I love watching (and playing) tennis. I finally have the opportunity to watch the French Open final between Rafael Nadal and Robin Söderling and it is awesome. Söderling is on the brink of a break point in the second set (Nadal took the first 6-4). The two of them playing strong, strong games.

What is remarkable to me is that when I watch tennis I rarely cheer for one player over another. I have preference because I may have watched one player play more than then other, but it's the game I love. The players are distraction.