Out in Rocky

On a rainy and chilly May long weekend, we drove a couple hours northwest to join my sister and her family (and later my mom too) at the Riverview Campground in Rocky Mountain House. Because of the weather, we joined Saison and Dean in their luxurious camper trailer for the first two nights, but did pitch a tent for the third night.

The campground is situated on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River (the same mighty river that carves its way through Edmonton). We spent a little time at the river, but it was cold, so we stuck pretty close to home when we could.

Our site was directly across from a great playground so the kids could play almost all day. Dean and I headed into town to see game 4 of the Montreal-Philadelphia game (not a good game).

Dean was keen on having a fire and a barbecue. We were keen on enjoying the fruits of his labour.

The weather cleared up nicely for the last couple days. It was great times as we played a little baseball (I got to climb a tree), some bocce ball, kids golf, Scrabble, and our new vice: Stone Age.

We also ate very, very well.

Here's to plenty more camping weekends!

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Mary said...

Hey, I was camping about halfway between Rocky and Nordegg that same weekend! It was chilly, but very satisfying :)