Back in the Editing Chair

It's spring break. I've only 7 of 16 days left, but I've achieved a fair bit on my 2 year project (that I haven't touched in 1.5 years). My film is called either Own Goats and Milk Them for What They Are Worth or For What It's Worth, Milk a Goat. [if one title strikes you as better than the other, let me know].

I spent the first couple days logging and importing all the footage and then reviewing all 5+ hours of footage and making notes. Most recently, I've been writing out the script as this film will be narrated (I hope Morgan Freeman is a free man). Sequencing the movie is tricky too because I want to follow the timeline and I have to carefully introduce tension and turns.

The movie will have to be subtitled as it was shot in three languages. That will be a fair bit of work - especially since for it to screen in Montreal, it will need English and French titling.

I'd like to have some animation done for biblical and journey portions. Salomé? My "Danny Elfman" is getting married this summer - gotta do some editing so he can get started. I should ask him first too. Justin? Once the film is complete, I have one year to get the film out to festivals. I'll be a bit more aggressive this time. Maybe get a publicist to help me out. Melayne?

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