We've had a leak from our bathtub tap since we moved here. I don't use the bathtub (I bathe, just not there) so it has never been on my radar for repairs until one morning when I wake up and it's all I can here. I spend the next 2 hours taking it apart, seeing if I can fix it.

I visit Rona and they tell me it is a free replacement part - guaranteed for life! But they do not have any in stock at the moment. The Delta distributor comes around every month with a box of 5 gadgets. He might be along someday soon they say.

My fidgeting makes the leak worse and now hot water is dripping and it drips twice as much as before.

I call Rona a few days later and the Delta guy was in the day before. There are 2 things left. I have them hold one for me and install the sucker that night.

There is now peace in my house. Plus I got to buy a couple tools!!

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Dan the Man said...

I recognize the part in your hand. I had to change the same one, although it cost me a little more, because there was no advisor available, so I tried buying a generic spring and washer kit (which looked like it would work, and made sense to my brain). Leak was much worse afterwards, and was dripping HOT.

THe next time, I got a hold of a sales guy in the plumbing section, got my part, and then installed that instead. Worked perfectly.