"No Papa Cheese* Baby"

This is what Blaise said when I had the video camera out during Acadia's first bath. Jealous or Concerned?

He also commented "Big cheese!"

* Cheese /tʃi:z/ n (a) camera, video camera (b) a food papa gives me when he's cooking vt (a) to take pictures, to shoot video (b) to be photographed


Sirdar said...

He is saying that the baby can't say cheese for the camera. Well..that is my guess.

Grandma Deb said...

It could be either "the baby can't say cheese." or "Don't take the baby's picture...you only take my picture in the bath"
I have been concerned myself for Blaise....when I look at him he is still a baby himself...and was feeling very special...and along comes' baby.
Birth order is a big deal in childhood developement.
How do you make your first born know that nothing has changed in how you love them...and still make the 2nd as special and loved??
I hope he wasn't jelous....and I know you are great parents and will help him through this.

much-ado said...

Myabe he's saying his papa is a big cheese...