I'd really like to share what's going through my mind / heart / life right now, but social convention really does limit my ability to share openly. If I were to express frankly and without restraint, what would people think? How would it affect my ministry, career, and most importantly my family?

Where did the convention of secrecy and closed door meetings come from? (I figure it was the Devil)

Jesus said we are to let the light shine in the darkness. We seem to think that when someone speaks honestly, he is in danger of incriminating himself (and others I suppose) and losing credibility. In reality, wouldn't he/she just be removing a man-made mask? Wouldn't he/she be more free if honesty prevailed?

Then why do I feel so trapped?


Debby said...

I think people don't share their inner thoughts and feelings mostly because they are afraid of being judged, like you said afraid what people will think.
I admire people that can be totally open and honest. I trust them. When we open ourselves up it is like a burden is lifted, nothing is hidden anymore.
It's too bad that people live their lives with things hidden, to keep jobs, relationships, ect.
I'm not really good at sharing my thougts and feel like I'm not as smart as others...so feel shy to share my thoughts on this subject...but, here I am.

Heather said...

Would it make a difference if today was the only time you had left? If it was the last time you would talk to somebody?

Sirdar said...

I think you said a lot without saying anything.

Reading between the lines, right or wrong, it sounds like you are caught in a fight between what you feel is right, and what someone else feels is right. However your conscience tells you that something is not right in the way things are going. It isn't just a normal power struggle, something that you probably aren't even wanting, but somehow you got involved. It must be something unethical to you that bothers you about what is happening because your career is a concern if you say what you feel needs to be said.

Sometimes, you need to bring out the truth, even if it hurts. But, there are ways of doing it that doesn't make it look like you are the bad person. I say that because you sound fearful of the consequences.

If you PM me I may be able to help. If I can't come up with the right approach, I know a few leaders who would be more than willing to give you some advice.

Or, you could pray about it. :-)

Zaak said...

Thanks for your kind responses. I liked what each of you had to say.

Debby, that was vulnerable of you and I appreciate your honesty. I'm not concerned about what most people think, but when they are employing you or when they could be your future employers, it matters what they think of you and what you believe.

Heather, your question made me think and honestly, it would make a difference, but it wouldn't because what I feel needs to change (what I need to express) should have lasting effects. One day wouldn't change anything. I don't need to tell anyone off and I wouldn't waste my last day on earth trying to. But I would probably state some things I believe to be true out loud.

Sirdar, I agree that there are ways to bring things out that are bette than others. Person to person, humbly and graciously, without being rigid.

There are actually 2 major things that I feel need to be stated. Both are completely seperate from each other. Maybe one day I'll share.

I have no idea what PM means. Debby used it too. Prime Minister? Post Mortem? Pick Me? Afternoon? Help me out, I'm out of the loop.

Sirdar said...

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A personal message, often shortened to PM, is a private message from one Internet user to another.

This feature is usually implemented on message boards and instant messaging systems.

Example of use

Queen of Swords wrote, "PM me with your new mailing address, VP, and I'll add you to my infidel christmas card list.

Anonymous said...

Been praying for ya! There is so much freedom when darkness in brought into the light!