I feel as though our electric bill is very expensive and I've been meaning to ask what it costs everywhere else. Here's how my bill breaks down:

Fixed monthly fee
Q10.79 = CDN$1.67 = US$1.41
Monthly public lighting fee
Q34.70 = CDN$5.38 = US$4.53
The first 100 kWh costs
Q0.779/kWh = CDN$0.121/kWh = US$0.102/kWh
Every subsequent kWh costs
Q1.662/kWh = CDN$0.257/kWh = US$0.217
We use about 250kWh per month for a total of
Q400 = CDN$62 = US$52
We used to pay up to Q600-Q700 each month until we put in fluorescent bulbs in.

Note also what is drawing power each month: refridgerator, microwave, toaster, showerhead*, computer and peripherals, TV/DVD player, washing machine, 4 incandescent light bulbs, 8 fluorescent bulbs, and little stuff like phone chargers and spice grinder. More importantly, note what is not drawing power: clothes dryer (we don't have one), stove (we use a gas stove), and house heaters (we stay cold).

I guess I'm wondering if the price per kWh is high or if our usage is high or both. To give me an idea, what does it cost to power your house?

*a heating element that heats the water as it passes through


much-ado said...

No that sounds about right in CDN $. On average I'm running about $70-$90 a month. Maybe you are paying a bit more now that I think about it. We do have more appliances than you do...our dryer is going at least twice a day every 2nd or 3rd day. We do have an electric stove which is used every day, not to mention electric heaters in the basement.

You're getting ripped off Col. Sanders.

Heather said...

Stop being cheap. Buy your pregnant wife a heater!!

Debby said...

I just commented on your combined blog....seems like you are paying alot more than us. I used 602kwh and paid 46.96