Goat Milk Man

Meet Juan. He bikes to our house, knocks on our door every morning between 7:15 and 7:45. He is trilingual (Spanish, Poqomchí, & Q'eqchí). He has been delivering fresh, unpasteurized, creamy goat's milk to us for nearly a year now. He comes from Tampo, 1 km west of us. He doesn't own the goats, he just milks and delivers for the owner. The milk has always been delicious and I have yet to find the slightest hair in the milk.

When Juan pours the milk into the cup to pour into our container, he pours it to almost overflowing; you can see the arch of the cohesive fluid. If there's no arch, he splashes a bit into my container to be fair.

1 cup of milk costs Q3 (CAD$0.47) and it's worth every centavo!


Sirdar said...

Just don't tell the Canadian government that you were drinking unpasteurized goats milk...they might not let you in. It is illegal to sell unpasteurized milk here.

I bet it tastes good though. We get the milk from Dawn's sisters cow. The cream is scraped off and we drink the rest. But they ain't selling it to us :-)

Debby said...

There is nothing like goats milk. I have some very funny goat milk stories to tell from when you were growing up.
I'm glad that you were raised on goats milk (till your were about 7 or 8) and you are getting goats milk for your family.
Although...I have to admit I had a hard time tasting the left overs from your visit at Christmas....funny eh?

much-ado said...

forget the goat, man! try the soy. Bet ya your buddy Juan can't milk the the soy bean.