Why post this? Because.

When I woke up on the morning of September 11, 2001 to the radio describing the attack on the Twin Towers, my first vocal response was "Bush is bombing his own country to start a war." Since then, it has only cost $287 billion and nearly 2500 US Soldiers to kill 40,000 Iraqi civilians (yeah, I know they killed a lot of insurgents too, who probably wouldn't have insurged without the great excuse of someone invading their country). While driving home alone one evening last year, as Amber was expecting our first child, I burst into uncontrollable tears thinking about the mothers in Iraq who lost their children - unborn or born - because of the bombings and stressful fears they were experiencing.

Loose Change is an online film that debunks the current accepted version of events from 9/11. They offer documented proof for every claim.

Of course, if they are right, which I think they are, nothing can be done about it anyway. Anyone want to prosecute the president? It was easier to attempt to impeach Clinton over lying about sex acts than it would be to try and impeach Bush over his lies. Why? One exerts more terrifying muscle than the other.

Of course, we believe what we want to believe, right? 1 Billion Muslims, Catholics, Hindus, and Atheists can't be wrong. So who am I trying to convince anyway?

When we give a small group of people absolute, unchallenged power, look out! Even more so when that power you've given them affects people that have no vote. I'm not an American, but...
"A big part of our lives has to do with America. In our country it is overwhelming. I feel there could just as well be an American military presence in Denmark. We are a nation under a very bad influence, because I think Bush is an a**h*le and doing a lot of really stupid things. America is sitting on the world and therefore I am making films about it. I'd say 60% of the things I have experienced in my life are American, so in fact I am an American. But I can't go there and vote. That's why I am making films about America."
-Lars von Trier
Director of Dogville, Manderlay and other super films

Last week I met an American woman who teaches in New Mexico. She said there were teachers in Albuquerque that were imprisoned and lost their jobs for speaking out against the war - Patriot Act. I'm a teacher and I understand the implications of speaking your opinion in a public classroom of children. But I also have a philosophy of education that permits discussion.

I'm not expecting much discussion here. People avoid my political statements. Oh well, I got to make that nifty Home Despot logo and I haven't preached a sermon in a long time. I do promise to be diplomatic though.

Bought Neil Young's Living with War album. I love it!


Sal-yo said...

zaak I very much enjoyed Loose Change and I agree with you in so many ways especially the ways of Bush is an A-hole. It's super frustrating and I feel bad for those being duped by those in religious power and political power. Good on you for posting your opinions.
Also I have posted another blog Thought I'd let you know." A Day of Salome"

littledeb_04@yahoo.ca said...

I never comment on Politics because it scares me that I feel so helpless. I admire people that have an opinion and speak it. so, I admire you, Zaak for saying your opinions...and you Salome for saying your opinion. I will check out Loose Change and I hope other people reading your blogs will too and that everyone will have an open mind. politics and religion get everyone so worked up...but it is good to discuss.
thats all.

Sirdar said...

I was not for the war to start but it did start and now what do you do? I didn't see that video yet but have heard some evidence as to what they say. I have another video asking a lot of good questions. I may try viewing at work. Good vent though...

Michael ADams said...

I think you're wrong way wrong Colonel Sanders, Bush is fighting the good fight, if it wasn't for him I might be paying triple or quadruple what I'm paying now for my petrol/gasoline. (yes, I am being facietious (is that how you spell it?))
I really like that logo, Zaak. You should take care, watch over your shoulder, posting your comments like that has made you a target. The despot watches all. (the facetious thing again)