The Horror

Mom and I eating at a really nice restaurant on June 2, '06 in Santa Catarina de Palopó

Severe headache in the afternoon followed by violent vomiting in the evening followed by dire diarrhea the next morning. I can definitely attribute the last two symptoms to the meal I'm naïvely enjoying in this photo. I know this because my poor mother suffered as well. It was made worse by the fact that the four of us (me, mom, Amber, and Blaise) shared a room that night - and thus the bathroom.

We have narrowed it down to either the raw spinach, the shredded beef, or the water.

Amber did not get sick.


Sirdar said...

I'm glad to hear it was only a few food poisoning symptoms. It could have been much worse. Hope you are on the mend. Why do you suppose that Amber didn't get sick?

Zaak said...

I'm fine now. My mom was sick for several days when she got home.

Amber didn't get sick because no water, no spinach, no beef.

It's inevitable, I always want what she ordered. Definitely in this case!