When I got home this evening from our 4 days on the road, there was a wonderful surprise waiting for me. Stretched over from the roof of my neighbour's house is a bright yellow ethernet cable. The cable descends over my roof and down to my window. You can see the splice that was done to either extend the cable the last 2 feet I needed or to get the clip onto the cable. The point is: I now have internet at home!!!

This has been a 2 month service in the making. My Internet Service Provider is my neighbour. He's not just sharing his internet with me, he's selling it to me. Yeah, it's actually his line of work. He has a fix-up-old-computers-and-sell-them shop in town and along with that, he sells satellite internet to 6 clients in town (I'm # 6). So far, I'm quite pleased with the speed and consistency. The internet is relayed from outerspace to a dish in the center of Tactic and then to an antenna on my neighbour's house and then wire to our guest room. The antenna on my neighbour's house is what took months to get working - I think Cesar tried 4 different ones before it finally worked.

Cheers to Cesar my ISP!

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Sirdar said...

Third world Internet. Try that up here and watch the lawsuits come flying. Glad you got what you wanted.