I'm watching my son mature from a baby into a little boy. It is remarkable how he changes from day to day. I remember when it hit me that each day, he does something new, realizes something new, and that soon he'll be able to tickle me harder than I tickle him. His most recent endeavor is his addictive laugh - something like a giggle, but deeper.

He's not a baby anymore. He can almost walk on his own now and talking is around the corner. His desire for independence drives his every step. His desire to get what he wants drives his every sound. Hopefully, his desire to not wear a diaper will start kicking in soon.


Sirdar said...

Yes they do change very fast and grow up fast at his age. Oh...and don't worry too much about the diaper thing just yet. Some kids take longer than others. If he is still in diapers when he is 8 then you might have a concern :-)

Sal-yo said...

I would imagine that when he does start talking you won't be able to keep him quiet. I 'm glad that when I see him next he'll be running around. He'll be 1 year old in 5 days. I love that kid!