Strength and Honour

Hey, I have to post this excitement. After posting a website for my latest and only film (so far) and sending out a mass email to everyone I know, I've received such acclaim that even if it doesn't get into either of the festivals, I'll be happy about making the film. And that's only after people have seen a 2 minute trailer.

The most exciting response has come from the 4 DVD orders I've received so far. The variety of people who have ordered is the coolest: a cousin I haven't seen in 11 years, a grade 12 classmate I've seen once since 1994, a missionary I served with in the Marshall Islands 10 years ago, and my most frequent blog commentator. I'm only allowed to release the DVDs after the film screens at the festivals, so I've chosen November 1. I'll mail them ahead of time so the DVDs arrive as close to November 1 as possible. You too can pre-order your copy today.

Only 999 996 left before I go platinum.

Some comments I've received about the trailer:

"the trailer almost made me start crying"
"Very cool! I look forward to seeing the rest."
"I'm definitely getting a copy"
"definitely one of the coolest things any of my friends have ever done. I look forward to seeing it, as well as hearing Jeffery's score!"
"Looks awesome! You are living the dream!"
"What?? Wow, I had no idea...that's shocking."
"Wow! Congratulations on the completion of your film!"
"That was soooo cool. Mightily impressed!"

From the stars of the film:
"Wow! I am very impressed with the trailer, and thankful you took the time to do all this."
"Such a teaser, I can't wait to see the real deal."
"AHHhhhhhh!!!! I loved it! More - more!! I've watched the trailer 5 times"
"lookin good!!!"

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