Salto de Chilasco

130 M (426') - the tallest waterfall in Central America. We were there this afternoon. This shot was taken at the bottom of the falls. Very misty.

How to get there from our house: Drive on the highway southeast 41 km. Turn left and drive 14 km on the dirt road. Park and hike 3 km up and down a mountain. I had Blaise on my back, there and back.


Sirdar said...

Awesome pic. You should do a movie of your time in Guatemala and show the world what it is really like there.

Zaak said...

If you ever come down here, I'll take you to it. It is indeed a fabulous falls.

In regards to a movie... I would love to set my next film here in Guatemala. Use Guatemalans as my actors (amateur actors) and even do it in Poqomchí with English subtitles.