Switching to New Runners

I have an affection for comfortable runners that will last over a year. Particularly Fila runners.

I got my first pair of Filas in Old Hazelton, BC. They were in a bargain bin while Amber was showing me around Old Town. They were bright red and lasted me 2 years.

My next two pairs were bought in Edmonton, blue then black (pictured). The black pair was bought just before flying to the east coast of Canada before our move to Guatemala.

The beige pair was found in Montreal before flying home after the film fest in Montreal. These ones have been particularly awesome and comfy, but they have holes in the toes.

I managed to find some Filas in Guatemala City this past Monday. The hard thing now, as always, is to let go of the old pairs. I always make the excuse that I could use them as work shoes, but I rarely get in the mud or paint anymore. We'll see. I sure won't be bringing them back to Canada.


April said...

Ah, so it isn't just women who grow attached to shoes! I remember your red shoes and was there when you got your beige ones. They say every time you buy something new, you should throw something else out, makes sense. I just bought some new clothes this week, now what to get rid of?!

dawn said...

I have a difficult time parting with the old shoes. At least you don't have to make the decision; in a few months you will leave them behind anyway.

Anonymous said...

I too have a few pair that I am supposed to use for working around the house....but they just sit there staring at me...accusing me of abandoning them....