I'm blogging more than Heber!

Comedy is always depends on context. In Spanish, the sound of the "B" and the "V" is indistinguishable and the "H" is silent. "Heber" can be pronounced "Ever." Heber happens to be one of our friends here in Guatemala. The double entendre in this case is
"I'm blogging more than Heber/ever!"
This brings me to my point on context. I laughed for a good long while last night as I kept on making quips about Heber/ever, but there is a limited amount of people who can find this funny: They need to understand both Spanish and English while knowing Heber.

How many other things do I say with the intention of comedy that most people respond to by just kicking the sand and by staring obliquely at stray dogs because they aren't relating to the context of my joke. And conversely, how many times have I responded blankly or negatively to other's humour because I simply did not know where they were coming from.

Incidentally, I really like Heber's name.


Anonymous said...

You are blogging more than ever ever? Is that right Zaak Zaak? Whats your vector victor? I get it!!!

dawn said...

Hey, take heart, that happens with just one language to negotiate. Sometimes the humour is lost in not the translation but the interpretation of what is said.

Zaak said...

No, I don't think you got it Sirdar Sirdar.

When I say "I am blogging more than Heber," it can also be understood as "I am blogging more than ever."