A Public Service Announcement

I drove to Lanquin today with a group of 25. When we arrived into town two young men rushed our vehicles and told us that our vans would not make it to Semuc Champey (our destination 9 kms beyond Lanquin). We should hire them to take us there. One of them jumped onto my ladder to the roof rack.

We drove a little further into town to a gas station to check our water levels and look for washrooms. The washrooms were a block away at the municipal building. I asked an official there what the deal with the road was and he said the roads were too slick if you didn't have 4X4 and that he sent some guys to the entrance of the town to tell incoming traffic that they wouldn't be able to make it.

Turns out that our vehicles would not have made it. We rode in the back of a truck that barely made it (80 minutes to drive 9 kms on the return trip). Good times.


dawn said...

Wow, sounds like what we see on TV all the time.

Anonymous said...

I could imagine what was going through your mind....were they telling you the truth or did they have unkind intentions. Glad they were telling the truth.