Stand and Stocks

This morning I enjoyed the fruits of yesterday's labours. The goat (we need to name her) wasn't able to pull her head out of the stocks and aside from a lot of kicking (which is normal) stayed in one position. I'd like to add a small board over the swinging part to add more support and I'd like to cut the left corner so it opens wider too. In time.

The platform serves two purposes: Keep her from kicking sawdust and poop into the milk and to raise her up for easier access to the udders. You'll notice that I have to tie her feet.


UP said...

Will you always have to tie her feet? Or with time will she become use to being milked and stop kicking?

Marta said...

What an inspiration you are :). I don't have as many life goals as you, but 3 that I would like to accomplish within the next 3 years is 1.learn to play the piano
2. Learn to sew my own clothes
3. Learn to cook tastier vegetarian meals (I'm doing pretty good so far).

By the way where is Sedgewick?

Zaak said...

up: I hope that she'll calm down eventually. She's a fiesty goat. Tying her legs doesn't hurt her at all.

marta: it's not quantity, but quality - and I'm impressed with your current three. Gandhi made his own clothes too and was a vegetarian. Not sure about the piano.

Sirdar said...

Good job. Who knew that a little goat can be so tough that you have to lock her into a stock. On the plus side...if either Blaise or Acadia start getting out of hand....you have a built in baby sitter :-)

dawn said...

That is a great set up. I will keep that in mind if I ever have a milk goat. I bought some unripened goat cheese the other day. I will have to find something to make with it as it wasn't a huge hit. I think the milk goat is not looking like an option. Next, trying goats milk.