Facebook has this great game from TravelPod where you are quizzed on world geography and you click as fast and as accurately as you can on the map. For me, it's completely exhilarating and I get a real rush out of trying to beat the clock and improve my score.

I've been wanting to learn a programming language to design a game similar to this to teach geography and incorporate other information on the world, but I haven't come around to it. I might end up just learning Flash really well and doing it through that similar to how these guys have.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a great idea. I am not much for computer games or video games because the whole exhilarating thing is too much for me to take. I prefer thought type games that don't rely on speed. It does sound like a good way to learn geography though.

dawn said...

Okay, that was me above. I pushed the wrong button which is precisely what I was talking about, doing things to quickly without thinking about it.

Sirdar said...

I agree that it would be a good thing to help learn geography. Now you have a goal to accomplish :-)