Presidente Inteligente? Nope.

Huh? What's that all about eh?

This morning a plane flew over Tactic and unloaded a kazillion leaflets over the town. It's campaign time (has been for months). These leaflets do not contain any information aside from the names of the presidential candidate one of the local reps and the name and symbol of their party: UNC.

The presidential candidate is Mario Estrada: Presidente Inteligente. Also a former political official accused of embezzling thousands and thousands of dollars.

Now he can come over to my house and clean up his mess. Idiot.

In other news . . .

. . . Hurricane Felix was tamer than a light sun shower in our part of Guatemala.
. . . Bin Laden is coming out with a new movie.
. . . and Blaise still hasn't been potty trained - I mopped up a big big puddle-o-pee this afternoon.


Sirdar said...

Hey...you could sue them for littering and make thousands...maybe millions!! Oh...your not in the US. Oh well...it was worth a thought.

dawn said...

Too bad about the litter, but good about the hurricane. Of course the wind could have been little stronger and blown the litter away.

Don't worry about Blaize, he'll get it before starting University, they all do. It is just a matter of how long you are cleaning up puddles...hmmm...there is a lot of paper out their to sop up a few messes.