Well, I got my share of hammertime today. First thing this morning, I borrowed some powertools and bought some materials then built a stand and headtrap for milking the goats. I filmed the whole thing to use in my upcoming documentary For What it's Worth, Milk a Goat.

Then I remembered that our showerhead (aka widowmaker) had a meltdown on Thursday, so I picked up a new one and installed it. It's runs so smoothly and there's actually water cascading over my whole body now when I shower. Sweet.

Then I noticed that the kitchen tap was squirting in all sorts of wrong directions, so I took it apart and cleaned it out - cleaned the pipes so to speak. Now it runs smoothly.


Sirdar said...

Wow. You should get an award!! I got at Woody Award from Joy.

I wonder what award you can get for being so darned handy. Perhaps something in the plumbing vein? :-)

Debby said...

a Zaak of all trades and a Master of some :)
it's fun to learn how to fix stuff...and very rewarding1

Zaak said...

Thanks. It does feel quite good to accomplish something - even simple stuff, but stuff that needed fixing. I don't think I'm deserving of a Woody award though.

dawn said...

It is a good day when you get lots done. It is sometimes good to have help too. You are pretty handy, who woulda thunk it.