Measured Feet

I'm not feeling well today - aches, a bit of nausea, zero energy. So what a better activity than measuring poor kids' feet? Last week most of the kids were measured, but there were about 80 that still needed measuring so I did those today.

Some of the kids were embarrassed to take their feet out of their rubber boots or very run down shoes because of the state of their socks or the filthiness of their feet. The process was very humbling and I noted this last week when a team of child sponsors measured about 500 (X2) feet. The measurer ends up handling their feet and pressing their toes down. The measurer doesn't dare smell their hands after a batch. I'm not too squeamish normally, but with my oncoming sickness, there were moments when odours reached my nose and I just had to turn away.

The ministry is giving 2 pairs of shoes to each child (runners and dress to the town kids and runners and galoshes/sandals to the country kids). I've got the distribution deal - in about 2 weeks. Should be fun.


Amber said...

Maybe the kids and I can come along and "help" deliver the shoes with you, that sounds like a great time:)

Sirdar said...

Wow...and they think some kids in our country are not doing so well because they supposedly live in poverty. For this country they probably do...but compared to down there...they don't have much to complain much. Good that the government provides the poor with shoes. Next time you have to measure feet, put paper up your nose so that you can't smell :-)

dawn said...

Well, we are not poor, and the state of some of the socks and the feet of some of the children in this house can be embarrassing too. At least you got a photo of a clean foot. I am not feeling well either so as I was reading, I could relate to what you were saying.

April said...

Hmm, I've been having sore feet with my new teaching job and breaking in new shoes. It puts my woes in perspective

Debby said...

That's quite a job but someone has to do it...I'm glad that someone who cares,like you, is doing it...and how great that the kids will have good shoes to wear!
I hope you are feeling better