94. Own Goats and Milk Them for What They Are Worth

My 94th life goal is well underway. my buddy Rene and I scored some goats a while back for milking. We unfortunately ended up with 4 goats and only one of them giving milk (two are kids and one is carrying).

Their worth: We paid Q1000 total for all four. Subtract what we'll get for selling the kids (Q300) and the total price for each goat is Q350.

I am doing all the milking and only in the morning so that the udder will stay large. Each morning I get about 400 mL which goes for Q5 here in Tactic. That means 70 mornings of milking per goat. So far, I've milked 35 mornings. I haven't been able to use the milk on each occasion though - either a bad taste or the nanny kicks a lot of sawdust, mud, hair, and poop into the milk. Really, only the last week has been good milk and so we've severed our dependence on the milk man as of a couple days ago.


Amber said...

Farewell Juan, Goat Milk Man. I won't miss your early morning rapping on our door:)
Way to go Honey! Another goal well on it's way to being accomplished. You're awesome opposum:)

Aimée said...

Is one of your goals to make cheese? I bet you could make some pretty good stuff.

dawn said...

Well, after Friday (see post) the girls are convinced we should get some goats to milk. I said one step at a time, we are getting chickens in the spring. The donkeys are going to have shelter in the chicken coup this winter, we have straw for them, got hay for them today. Our place is turning into a regular little farm. Way to go with the milk. I think I will buy some to see if the girls even like it. I wouldn't mind making goat cheese, I should have no trouble with my food science degree, it is mostly a time issue. Blaise is sure getting big.

Debby said...

I used to make some really good goat cheese accoding to our german neighbors who bought it...i didnt eat it ...ha ha..yogourt is very good! with brown sugar. Yum!