I got worms

Yeah, after a BM this morning, I saw this long white thing and thought "yikes, did I swallow a noodle whole?" So, it's no big deal. Everyone in Tactic gets regular worm treatments. For me though I've held on for nearly 2 years (though the worm was about a foot long, so who knows how long it's been in me). So, I got my Combantrin on and brought some home for Amber and Blaise. The best part of this whole thing is grossing Amber out with stories about people choking on worms and such.

Sorry, no photo.


dawn said...

That is disgusting. I hope you get that cleared up. I must say, the worst I have seen is whole corn kernels, and I hope it stays that way. I think I would freak if I saw a big noodle floating around.

Debby said...

thanks for sharing

Sirdar said...

No wonder you're so darn skinny!!

(PS: can you send a few up here for me? :-) )