Una Tortilladora Tortillando Tortillas

These tortillas are made from black corn. The house is full of smoke.

Spanish has a verb for making tortillas: tortillar

Spanish has a noun for the person who makes tortillas: tortillador

Tortillas don't have much flavour - think Doritos without the seasoning.

Process for making a corn tortilla in Guatemala:
  • plant the corn
  • weed and care for the corn
  • pick the corn
  • carry the corn
  • shuck the corn
  • hang the corn
  • remove the kernals
  • boil the kernals for 2 hours
  • grind or pound the kernals with water
  • slap the corn paste into tortillas
  • cook on stovetop or ceramic dish over an open fire


Sirdar said...

Those don't look like Costco brand tortillas. They look pretty authentic. A lot of effort went in to even get the ingredients for them. Were they good?

Anonymous said...

you know what, Zaak? Tortillas are one thing I really DO NOT miss about Guatemala!