Journey Home Part 6: Strength and Honour Showing

On Sunday, January 7, I garnered permission to use the conference room at Red Willow for a public presentation of my film. I had invited everyone I knew in the area and so I was expecting based on responses from people about 30-40 people. In the end 50 people showed up.

I was just short of pacing the entire 82 minutes I was so nervous. It was one thing showing it to mostly strangers in Montreal. It is something entirely different when they are people you know well. The overwhelming response was very positive and there was laughter throughout the screening. I sold 8 copies of the DVD too.

What made this showing so special was that seven of us cyclists were together to see it together. Only Jessica and Eric were missing (both in Australia). It was the first time the seven of us were together since the end of the trip in August, 2003 and because we are all leading very different lives, it might be the last time we are together for a very long time.

Melayne tells me that there may be a showing of Strength and Honour: Cycling Coast to Coast in June with the Edmonton Bicycle and Touring Club. Apparently, they rent a theatre and everything for their showings. I'll keep you posted.

Also on my trip, I learned where the phrase "Strength and Honour" comes from. Kurt said "Stength and honour, my dear friend" to Bernd while cycling. But I didn't know that Kurt got it from a film - Gladiator. I should have known!

Thank you all for coming!


Sistah Girl said...

Just to clarify- no I ( aka Melayne) am not a member of the Edmonton Bicycle and Touring Club.
I know peoples.
I don't bike.

April said...

Hi, you should put posts up on your blog so we can check them out

Zaak said...

I will notify all via the blog regarding the next showings.