Journey Home Part 5: Friends

One of the things I really miss in Guatemala is being able to communicate on a deeper level, in my most comfortable language, with people whom I have a shared history and culture. So being back in Canada allowed me to visit with some very good friends. I wish I had more time to share with them, but alas!

I want to publicly thank the Waldrons for their generosity in lending us their car for our entire stay in Canada and letting us put 4000 kms on it (you will be rewarded). For all who welcomed us into your homes for the night and for meals, I thank you too. For those who opened up your hearts, I thank you.

Our last evening in the Edmonton area, I invited everyone to a quiet and intimate communion service with Amber and I. It was very special to pray for and be prayed for with people that we care so much for. It was one of the many highlights of the trip.

I'm a list person and so it's very difficult for me to resist making a list of all the good folks who made time for us, but that's just ridiculous. No list.

Cheers! to all of you who read this and made my visit to Canada so enjoyable.

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April said...

Since you're not making a list, I guess I can't be offended that I'm not on it... ha ha