The Art of Photography

Amber, Blaise and I are applying for Guatemalan residency. This is a lengthy process that I will enter into once I actually understand it. Yesterday, I received an email from our lawyer in Guatemala City that we had an appointment on Feb 1 at 8:30 AM at immigration. For this meeting we needed our passports (check), a letter from our landlord stating our address and how long we lived there and her personal ID numbers (check after a bit of running around), a photocopy of my new passport which was just issued this month and is different from the one I started this process with (check, all 13 pages), and black and white-matte-front facing passport photos. We had them done yesterday here in Tactic.

This is Blaise's second shot. After he dove off the bench. And landed on his head. He didn't sit still the entire time, that's why it's a little blurry.

The machine our photographer employed is a relic of about 8 decades ago I am sure. The shutter was hand operated (meaning he opened it with his hand and closed it with his hand) and was open for about 1/2 - 3/4 of a second. While we were waiting for our turn, the photographer's assistant dumped some of the old chemical solution into the street.

Anyway, 4 photos of each of us for Q105 ($16.27). Done the authentic way. No automatic machines at all.


Debby said...

The photos are just like for the 1800's!Hilarious....love it....makes me sort of sad about the residency in Guatemala...but I guess that is what you need to do.
miss you guys. Blaise is so cute!

Sirdar said...

I agree with Debbie. No smiling in the old picture either. I was thinking it adds about 20 years.

April said...

Wow, the photos look a little creepy... the effect would be much better if you were all looking a little more jovial or a formal wedding photo or something.

Zaak said...

Ma, it's alright, it's not permanent permanent. Just for a few years.

Sirdar, do you really think I look 50 in that photo! Yikes.

April, Amber's not too thrilled about the picture, but I think it's totally classic. I hope we have to use them for our cedulas (Guatemalan ID).

We ended up having to do Blaise's photo again in Guatemala City. Immigration wouldn't accept this photo because of the spot beside his ear and the hair in his face (yeah, what hair?). He was a total hero again at the next sitting. I haven't seen the way they turned out, but I suspect he looked like a hero.

Petra said...

Oh, I love these pictures. Especially the one of amber. It looks very classic. I just love the way that old process cameras make light look. Very wonderful.