I have a hunch

I can still remember Miss Fitch in grade 4 telling my class to sit up straight and not to slouch. If only I had obeyed!

Now I have a distinct cromagnon angle for my neck and I've lost perhaps 2 inches of visible height (which isn't all that necessary in Guatemala, but still...). I just don't want to end up like Mr. Burns. I've tried remembering to sit up straight and even as I'm writing this I have shifted 5 times.

So readers! What can I do to fix this affliction? What about a neck/back/shoulder exercise?


Debby said...

Ask Salome.
I've been worried about my posture for years. I think it might be sort of hereditary. I'm doing excercises at the gym to try to correct my slouch...but I think it is too far gone....good thing you are noticing it in your 30's.

Sirdar said...

Start sleeping without a pillow. Might bother you for a few days but I bet things will straighten out.

There must be something online that would tell you how to combat the issue. Lets hope you find it.

April said...

If you have some sort of visual reminder that you can roll you're shoulders back, it would help. Also try not to use the back of the chair to help you sit up

Zaak said...

I've been driving a lot the last week, so my neck has just been hurting. I've been without a pillow for about 2 weeks now - never really liked pillows actually.

Thanks for all the tips. Will put into practice to avoid becoming a Notre Dame bell ringer.