Not MySpace

Somehow I ended up signing up for a MySpace account so that I could visit some friends' spaces. I already have a website and this blog, so why would I need to invest any time in a MySpace, so I just state that people should go to my website or blog.

Something really bothers me about MySpace, so I bring it up here. Everytime I login to see someone else's myspace, I end up in MySpace "home" and there are ads, always from True - I think it's a callgirl or callguy service where you can pay to have sex. I don't really see it as my space if there are these chicks taking up 1/4 of the page. It's more their space, and I feel like I've walked in on them getting dress/undressed.

Blogger: NO ADS (if you don't want them). I like that.


Kevin said...

I don't get MySpace. I just don't get it. It's so... web 1995. Ugh.

Sirdar said...

I went to one lady's myspace...space only because she pointed to it on her blog. It looked...weird. Full of flash and it slowed me down big time. I told her I'll just stick with her blog.

Zaak said...

reminds me too much of the MSN homepage - full of pop pop pop. reminds me of really old message boards too with all the moving gifs.

I also don't find it user friendly at all. For instance, I can't figure out how to see my own space without it being my control panel or "home."

jefferyjustin said...

hey, don't hate too quickly. myspace is huge. the numbers are ridiculous.

yeah, it's crazy slow sometimes, has a lot of singles ads, and has a learning curve, but it's today's fad. And I think the big draw is the ability to customize without having to know major code. easy visual self-expression, without having to actually write anything significant.

Having said that, I think it's on the downside of the curve. I wonder if blogs are coming back in style - now that they're becoming easier to author and edit.