Journey Home Part 4: Food

Eating. The Joy.

While we were in Canada, people fed us as though we hadn't eaten since we left 15 months earlier. It was great! (We only ate out twice from what I can recall) Being the guest, I was prodded over and over to have seconds and thirds. I didn't mind so much. I won't be able to write down what I ate for all 84 meals, but here are some that stick out.
  • Duck Confi, Chevre Salad, Jumbo Shrimp, Berry Pie
  • Moose Steaks
  • BBQ Salmon
  • Turkey Dinner X3
  • Cheese, Meat, Chocolate Fondue
  • Pizza and Wings
  • Lamb Chops
  • Indian Curries and Samosas
  • Kabobs, Lasagna, Sushi, Salad, Trifle
  • Pasta and Truffles
To the chefs, I give you my everlasting thanks. You are all artists.


Sirdar said...

I ate pretty good over the holidays...but not like that. How many pounds did you gain? How many have you lost since you returned?

Zaak said...

My weight differential is usually zero (except that winter when Amber was pregnant with Blaise), so I didn't gain or lose anything throughout the entire tasting process. Pretty sweet. I do have to start exercising again though.

Debby said...

It was really fun having people to cook for....and Amber, Zaak and Blaise were always so appreciative! I miss cooking for them.....have a cool video of Blaise eating. Amazing watching a 1 1/2 eat. It's like every bite is a brand new experience. Licking his fingers...looking at it...making little satisfied noises. What fun!