Our house was robbed of $8000 worth of stuff nearly nine months ago. The thief is still anonymous and likely still suffering guilt. The most painful feelings from this have subsided mostly, though everytime someone else we know get robbed, the wound reopens a bit.

There has been an incredible miracle that followed the theft however. I wrote in our latest newsletter about how nearly all the items that were stolen had been restored. Well, now all of them, save some DVDs, have been replaced. We can only attribute this to God's faithfulness to us. I've learned to trust Him more and release a lot of the anxiety that followed the theft. Here's a detailed list of what was stolen and how it was replaced:

300 DVDs138 DVDsfriends mostly
3.1 MP digital Camera5.0 MP digial camera 
iPod 40GBiPod 80 GBtax refund money
DV Camcordernew DV Camcorder 
Nikon F65 SLRNikon F65 SLRgift from François
Diaper BagDiaper Baggift from Aunt Gaylene
BackpackBackpackb-day gift
Men's Dress Shoesmore comfortable shoes 
Men's Sandalsmore comfortable sandals 
Women's old runnersnew runners 
Women's new flip flopsnew flip flops 
$200 cash$825gifts from Tols, Roths, Wiebes
Power Adapter for phonenew adapter 
Pocket Bible (NASB)new same Bible 
Swiss Army Knife (camping)Swiss Army Knife (biggest one)my b-day gift to myself
Beltnew belt 
Confidence in peopleMore Confidence in peopleprayers, cards, emails, phone calls

A realization that I had after the theft was that there were three ways to live in the face of the threat of theft:

A) Live simply with nothing so that nothing can be stolen.
B) Live boldly and richly without attachment to material things
C) A good combination of A and B

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Sirdar said...

Glad you got most of your stuff back. When we were robbed, insurance replaced most of it. Some of it though couldn't be replaced.