Amber, April, and Sirdar reminded me today that it is Remembrance Day. I don't pay much attention to dates here, plus, it's a balmy 24℃ outside so it's hard to even remember that it's November.

It doesn't take much to get me choked up about Remembrance Day. Everytime I go to a service or watch a program or listen to the minute of silence on the radio, I am overwhelmed with the sacrifice. I put together a slideshow to Rod Stewart's Forever Young of fallen Canadian soldiers for a school I worked at a few years ago. I updated it a bit a few weeks ago for the principal and sent it to him for this year's assembly.

I got up at 4 am today. Could not sleep and there was so much traffic. I decided to watch one of my movies that I haven't seen before, Amen., directed by Costa-Gavras. IMDB's synopsis is
Two systems: the Nazi machine versus the Vatican and Allied diplomacy. Two men struggling from the inside. On one side, Kurt Gerstein, a real-life chemist and SS officer, supplied the death camps with zyklon B while he tirelessly denounced the crimes and alerted the Allies, the Pope, the Germans and their churches at his family's and his own risk. On the other, Ricardo Fontana, a young Jesuit, a fictitious character who represents all the priests who had the heart to struggle against savagery, often paying for their courage with their lives. Countless priests, some known, others anonymous, who simply were not content to live with the silence of their church's hierarchy.

I guess today I remember the soldiers who were put in situations they did not expect to be in.



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Sirdar said...

Well...at least you remembered...after some prompting :-)

They played that 2 Minutes of Silence video tonight at the SeedsofHope concert at the church tonight.

littledeb_04@yahoo.ca said...

We had 2 minutes of silence at work. I was at my till and told the custumer that we would be having our Remembrance day moment in a second. Anyway, the trumpet started playing and the whole bustling place went silent. I was so moved that tears formed and started rolling down my cheeks. My teen age boy assistant as well got very teary eyed. When we got back to business my custumer as well was teary eyed. People do appreciate what the soldiers are doing for us. It was good to see.

April said...

I watched the service in Ottowa on TV and lit a candle and put a photo of Grandpa with his medals next to the candle. Just before the service on TV was a memorial service for a Canadian solider that just died... that really hits hard. Past and present war