My nose started to run last night, so I decided to smash it behind the knees with this potent cocktail:

+3 Cold-fx capsules (600mg of CVT-E002) (or N.A. ginseng)
+5 drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract (here a sham or there the world's most useful product)
+1 capsule Garlic Oil (3 mg)
+5 drops of Oil of Oregano under the tongue ("Nature's Strongest Antibiotic!")
+1 capful of delicious Fig-Honey Cough Syrup (used here purely as a chaser, or is it?)
+1 tall glass of water

I felt pretty groggy this morning, like I had a hang-over (never had a hang-over, but I imagine this is what it feels like). What am I missing from this random menagerie of mythical immune boosters?


Debby said...

Wow! that all sounds great...did it get rid of your cold? Or did you just get a hang over feeling? When ever I feel something coming on I just take a couple Cold Fx and It keeps it from getting too bad. Also started about 2 months ago taking the juice of one squeezed lemon in a cup of warm water every morning. Its supposed to ward off colds, be a liver cleanse and help lose weight....all I know is that I haven't caught anything yet....and I feel great!
I had'nt heard about Oil of Oregano...does it taste good? I use oregano alot in cooking...that, garlic and basil are my main herbs.
Still can't comment on Amber's blog so I want to comment that I hope Blaise is feeling better and I think he is hilarious!

April said...

You need a huge dose of TLC and chicken noodle soup... I personally like to have salt and vinegar chips if my throat gets sore

Carl said...

A stout shot of Barbados rum mixed with molasses and lemon, says my dad!

Zaak said...

MMMMM! Salt-n-Vinegar chips rock! I would add them to my mix, but Amber just buys thick, dry corn chips with a hint of mild BBQ flavor.

A whole lemon! Yowsers! I'll do it.

TLC? The R&B group? Alright, but I'm only listening to one song.

Don't use the oil of oregano in your cooking. It's horrible on scrambled eggs.

What about the rum without the molasses and lemon?

Sirdar said...

Rum and Honey. But you have to mix it right. You drink the rum and take the honey to bed :-)

Heather said...

Just keep blowing. You'll run out runny stuff sooner or later . . .

Sistah Girl said...

Hot Ginger, Lemon,garlic and Honey-that works for me. Of course- just the rum would be good to.. lol

Zaak said...

So far, I've been surviving without the rum. I've taken my elixir twice more (the past 2 evenings) as this cold wants to take me over after I feast on mint chocolate cookies in the evening.

So Sistah, this would be a beverage. I should get my hands on some ginger. I love Jamaican ginger beer.