Post 200

Average posts per week since I started* blogging: 1.5
Average posts per week over the last 100 posts: 2.35
Average number of comments per post: 2.34

Thank you everyone for reading and commenting. You are all superstars.

*(not counting the first year with only 1 post)


Sirdar said...

And who has helped those comments stats look so good? You would think I have no life with the number of posts I do these days. Well...it replaces my TV watching so this is what I enjoy doing instead.

Kevin said...

<Slight envy>
Man, I need to learn to just post and stop getting so distracted, like tiddlywikis (my new-new thing!), flickr browsing, and other endless Web 2.0 vortices.
</Slight envy>

Zaak said...

Sirdar has helped those comment stats lood so good! That's who. Kevin, you've been a solid voice on this blog too.

Thanks for having blogs of your own. Keeps me grounded.