Driving Around

It is not uncommon to see some startling sights from my car. Here are a few recollections from the past week.

As I wait for cattle to cross the road returning from San Antonio, I watch from from my car as a bull attempts repeatedly to mount a cow in the middle of the street, stopping traffic on both sides.

Each time I pass one building on my way out of Tactic, there is a man with magnifying glass eyewear smoking a cigar standing in the doorway. He never has a beard, yet he looks like he never shaves either. He simply stands unaccompanied learing at passersby.

A Mazda pick-up truck is taxiing a half dozen people on the highway going about 20 km/hr. As I pass them, the front driver wheel is wobbling uncontrollably.

I wait in my car for Walter to come down from his 2nd story home that overlooks a pasture. A cow is runs down the street and dives through a barbed wire fence then holds it's right rear leg close to her body as it took a good slicing on a barb.

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littledeb_04@yahoo.ca said...

Your observations kind of remind me of "Life After God"....I just started it this morning before work...and intend to read it every night when I go to bed. Thanks for the tip on a good book. You always recommend good ones ...remember when I was sick with bronchitis and bored out of my tree and you told me to read Roald Dahl "Boy" that was a good read.
by the way...I can't comment on Amber's blogs...can't see the word verification...??