A week of sorrows

Saturday - I accidentally delete a scene from the film I'm working on. This just means redoing about 4 hours of work.

Sunday - I have a headache. Then while we're at church in the evening, our house is robbed of more than $8000 worth of stuff.

Monday - I'm in a daze because I couldn't sleep the night before because of the theft.

Tuesday - I move to a new house. The house is great, but in order to continue this thread of misery - I don't like moving.

Wednesday - Wednesday wasn't half bad. We bought a bed and a couch set in Coban and they delivered it the same day. Ah! I checked out a pawn shop and my stuff wasn't there that was stolen. That was disappointing.

Thursday - My markers don't work while I'm teaching that morning. That really bugs me.

Friday - I get my brand new Canon GL2 digital video camera - the one I've been wanting for 3 years. It malfunctions. I phone Canon and they say I need to send it to Calgary for servicing.


Heather said...

oh but you are alive and well. I am praying that God will use your stolen goods for His glory and that down the road you will see the good side of this experience. But don't let the devil win. He is enjoying your suffering too much. Please let GOd help you rise above this and prove to the devil how he can't win.

You've got friends praying for you around the world. I am so sorry you had your treasured things taken from you. Sometimes we don't understand why things happen. We're praying for you - Heather and Colin Burzacott

littledeb_04@yahoo.ca said...

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Like our house fire. I look back on that and think of how it triggered a series of events and things turned out really good!But boy it hurt for a long time....now I hardly remember those things..I had nightmares about fires off and on for months.
I wonder what God wants you to get out of this experience. What he has in store for you! You sure have been running the gamut of emotions.Which is natural... It is such a horrible experience to lose possessions.
You are well loved...and I hope this week is better.
Love Mum

Sirdar said...

I guess on the bright side only "things" were taken. Sounds like a rough week. I have a neighbour who would like to have the bad week you are having. They had to bury their 18 year old son last week as he didn't survive a car crash.

I know it seems tough right now, having experienced a break-in myself in the past, but when you look back you will see life goes on and sometimes these experiences make you stronger. I hope your week and the weeks ahead get better. Hope you get your camera working so you can continue your work. And I hope your new home is good for you and your family. I'm glad none of your family was taken.

Zaak said...

Thanks Heather, Mom, and Lorne. Always great to get perspective. I was just in a fumy mood - especially since almost everyday I realize something else is missing. Today, my sunglasses. Yesterday, my sandals. The day before, my swiss army knife.

Plus, Blaise went to the doctor yesterday afternoon and he has pneumonia in his right lung. The medicine sure has perked him up - wow! But his nose (the whole thing) is always caked in snot, so he's a bit sad to behold.

Lorne, really sorry to hear about your neighbour's son. Brutal news. I'm definitely glad not to have had their week.

There, I'm thankful now.

Sirdar said...

Well, it was either that unfortunate story or the one about my cousin who is in the hospital recovering from throat cancer surgery where they removed his throat and rebuilt one using skin from his leg and that he may never speak again because he doesn't have voice box. Not sure if he has a tongue either as he wrote that he has to learn how to swallow. I'll ask him when I see him this week.

littledeb_04@yahoo.ca said...

Oh My, reading what you have written , Sirdar, I feel so very grateful for my good health and happiness in my life. Actally not a day goes by inspite of all my circumstances....i feel very grateful for everything in my life. The only hardships I have are missing my children...who are a plane ticket away, or an hour drive. I never take anything for granted. i feel very sad for your cousin and your neighbor.

Heather said...

Who's up for some painfree livin'? I say let's head to heaven where things like this don't happen! Where we don't have sadness, where we don't have to say good-bye, where we don't have to have pain. Anyone with me?

Sirdar said...

LittleDeb, I feel for them too. I am very thankful that I am in pretty good health compared to them. Sure, we all have some aches and pains but they are pretty minor compared to some people. I think everyone should be thankful that they can get up in the morning. The alternative is not a good one.