Dear Sponsor,

I spent 4 hours translating letters from children to their sponsors. It was a delight (despite the sharp pains in my right arm afterwards). Here are some of the things some children wrote and their literal translation (sometimes you have to draw the meaning out for the sponsor, or they may not understand...). All the letters are very sweet, these one just put an extra big smile on my face:

"Dear Sponsor. I am very content with the Lord Jesus and for you because it is certain that I will not see you, that is certain."

"Thank you for the money that you sent me and you are very good."

"Thanks for the help that you offer each month may God multiply the money that you give for paying the monthly fees of the school and I want to tell you that en my future I want to be a lawyer if God gives us the life."

"Dear Sponsor: I am 11 years old, they call me ---; I am in 7th grade. I live with my dad, my mom and my siblings. I study in the 'Beerseba' School. Goodbye, thank you very much."

"I am studying in grade four and I have a woman teacher and a man teacher, and they're called Evelin and Eli, and they love me very much."

"I am grateful to God for life of you and I want to thank you for your help; always I petition to God for your life."

"Thanks for sponsoring me and may you keep going may God bless you and may God love you."

"I still play soccer and also, I am proud of you."

"Dear sponsors, I pray fo your family and your kids that study. I love you very much. Thanks for the letters that you send me, they're nice, I like them and the money that you send me to buy things. Thanks for everything that you send me. How are you? Thanks for everything."


Sirdar said...

I bet that makes your mission all worth while. Congrats on the successes you have achieved with those kids.

Kevin said...

"it is certain that I will not see you, that is certain." I'm going to start using that in my conversations. "it is certain that I do not want to eat fish for dinner, that is certain." Kinda has a nice ring to it, don't you think?