I'm 100 blogs old

From a banged up door to a banged up nail.
From melons to melocoton.
From Anselme to Blaise.
From pregnancy test to teething.
From Alan and Kevin to Walter and Les.
From Sibelius to Stan Rogers.
From Montreal to Honduras.
From Jason and Myra to Daniel y Flor.
From NDP to Green.
From chocolate to Ché.
From racing in Montreal to coaching volleyball in Spruce Grove.
From paying off student loans to printing off pocketmods.
From Mont Tremblant to the top of my roof.
From candles on cakes to votives on graves.
From Amber gorgeous to Amber stunning.
From Chomsky to Rousseau.
From family together to family apart.
From CUC alumni to Living Waters.
From iPod to iMac.
From Tactic to Santiago Atitlán.
From Ester Buck to Kia Rio.
From doubling par to winning Risk.
From Queen Elizabeth II to Princess Stephanie.
From microbreweries to pipe smoke.
From baptism to missionary.
From ultrasound to ultrasplashing.
From the United Nations to homogenous Chicoy.
From Cirque du Soleil to Lady in the Water.

Generous and sincere applause to all those who left comments. You're a rockin' bunch.


Sirdar said...

Congrats on 100!! I just looked to see where I was at...and the number is 161. I started in November 2004...thanks to David who got me blogging.

Here is to the next 100!! Cheers!!

Zaak said...

Thanks Lorne. Good job on yours too. Dave's way ahead of us eh?

Sirdar said...

Ya but he is some kind of keener!! He doesn't have a TV so the computer is his entertainment...and he enjoys it.