It's getting funnier. Or is it sadder?

I burst into laughter when I read the headline this morning "New parliamentary secretary to Francophonie can't speak French." Yikes, that's brave appointing an anglophone Albertan to serve the the Canada's vast French-speaking population. I've heard enough Albertans speak against "the French" to know that for a large part, they don't have fuzzy feelings for them (yes, I know there are French speakers in Alberta, and yes, I know that French immersion programs in Alberta are growing, and yes, I also know that many Albertans are open-minded and have kind intentions towards "the French." I put "the French" in quotation marks because they aren't really French, they're Canadian).(phew).

Then, ha ha ha, Mulroney. Ha ha ha. This guy should have been put behind bars ages ago. The Conservatives are not by any means less arrogant and corrupt than the Liberals. In my opinion, they are far more corrupt and arrogant, but, anyways. He's been reimplicated in the Airbus scandal, after getting $2 million in damages for libel some time ago. This was after he allegedly received $300,000 from Airbus scandal man himself. His real crime according to many was the way he became Prime Minister. Read Mulroney's bio in Wikipedia.

Hee hee hee, it's still great! I thought I'd check out right-wing news source canoe.ca to see what they were saying about the secretary to the francophonie. I couldn't find anything, but there was a fun article on Conservative MPs attitudes towards "turncoat MPs. Canoe didn't put any padding on the gloves for it.

I really can't wait until these guys are out of office. I really have no right to say this as I didn't vote this past election (it would have cost me a couple days), but I can say it if I want. The Liberals weren't a heap better, but at least I agreed with some of their policies.


Sirdar said...

You do realise the old Conservatives are not the new Conservatives? And I have seen you agree to some of the policies of the Conservatives on other blogs...but only some. Much like the Liberals...only some. I think the recent Liberals have shown their take on corruption...but comparing the two, Liberals/Mulroney...which crook is worse?

So lets say you get your wish and the Conservatives lose the next election...who would you want in? NDP?

I love what they did in BC. I know...different politics...but same values.

Liberals? I wouldn't mind getting the entitlements that they seem to think they deserve.

robtherockeet said...

You love what the NDP did in BC?!! Isn't BC now the most expensive city to live in and has a huge debt? What kind of Government is it that represents the nation that is supposed to be bilingual with members who don't speak french? They want the Quebec vote, then they should work on their french for Pete's sake.

Sirdar said...

Hey Rob...That was sarcasm on my part. They need one of those sarcasm smilies to enhance the sarcasm. You've pretty much said what I was thinking about BC. Methinks Zaak leans toward the NDP...which is fine by me. Were all entitled to our opinions, right or wrong.

It would also be best if the guy/gal looking after the Francophonie...whatever the post is called...they should speak French. I have run across the story yet so don't know the details.