I was too tired to post this last night.

Yesterday afternoon, I visited 19 homes with Mercedez and Carlos, again collecting information for sponsors and taking pictures. Here are some of the photos:

When we arrived at this boy's house, he was doing his homework outside (no electricity for light indoors) kneeling on the ground (his home has a dirt floor anyhow).

This girl does weaving for the hours she is not in school. Her mother does the same thing. For about 200 hours, this beautiful fabric woven should fetch about $20CAN - yeah, about about 10 cents/hour.

Notice the blood on this little guy's head. He fell off his father's bike this morning on the way to school. He stayed home from school, but didn't visit any emergency room. The wound was a pretty good gash. Carlos told the boy's father that rainwater (it was drizzling yesterday) would fix the yellow ooze coming from the boy's eyes.


Sirdar said...

As much as we bitch about Canada, it is stories like this that should bring us back to reality and make us see how lucky we really are in Canada.

robtherockeet said...

That's a great reality check... when kids don't get the basics and here they complain about not having an x box... beautiful photos

Luis Yax said...

Zaak, today I updated my itunes and decided to a search in the podcasts section for "Guatemala" since I'm originally from Guatemala. To my surprise, my search returned 5 items. After subscribing to your podcast and listening to both of the episodes i feel like i need to help. Right now money wise i'm a bit tide but i know there are other ways to help and I will get back to you on that one.

I also wanted to thank you briefly for the work that you and your fellow man and women are doing over there, i know it takes a lot of courage to move to a place where things are so different and specially with your little one. I wish you the best of luck to you and everyone involved in the awesome work you are doing. By the way your Spanish is pretty good don't get embarrassed. I'll be waiting for your next episode.

Best of luck again and take care!

sal-yo said...

It's so amazing to see what you have been seeing and experiencing.
There is so much that we take for granted. Or put emphasis into things that are so trivial. I admire that you are using your life to help make a difference. I love you guys.