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I bought a desk and an office chair with my Ralph Bucks. It's surprising how clean my desk stays having drawers and shelves to put things. I spend about half my work week at the desk too, so Amber thought it wise for me to have a comfortable chair. Hey, I'm going to be thirty next month, gotta look out for that back.

So, I've got nearly everything I want in the tech dept. I won a bid on a Canon GL2 today on eBay which makes me very very very very very happy. I have been salivating all over this camera since the spring of 2003.

Reminds me of something a wise Norweigian teacher once said about dating: If you are wanting to remain chaste in your dating relationship, you have 3 years to make it or break it: get married, break up, or say 'uncle.' I either had to move on from this matter of the heart or put out - so to speak. Fortunately, I worked a deal with Impact Ministries and so they are chipping in so I can use this camera in my work, but it would be mine.

The other thing I'm missing is my sound system that is sitting in Canada. The little creative speakers up on the desktop don't really cut it - though my Sony headphones are quite rich.

What's present on the desk (I'm a list person - love making lists)? iMac G5, Samsung 17" Monitor, Canon ZR50 miniDV Camcorder, 40GB iPod, Canon i450 printer, Epson Perfection 1650 Scanner, Nokia 1108b Cellular Phone, Kodak Easyshare DX6340 3.1 Megapixel digital camera, 3 external hard drives totalling 510 GB, 12" PowerBook G4, Sony MDR-XD300 Headphones, and those Creative Speakers. I have a pretty special wife to let me accumulate these toys. She uses this stuff too though, and she's pretty keen on coming with me to which ever film festival I get my film into.


saison said...

What will you be doing with your current video camera? Can I have it!? :)

Sirdar said...

Congrats on the Ralph Bucks purchase. Unfortunately, my tech stuff is extremely old. It used to be up to date but apparently (sarcasm) there are more important things in life now. (sarcasm) :-)

We bought a good size barbecue on Friday with some of our Ralph Bucks. Its big enough to handle lots of food for our family and anyone who comes for dinner. We have a number of other things we will get before too long. Some laminate flooring for the upstairs, fix and install the dishwasher, metal roofing, etc. My high speed internet isn't in there as you will notice...but I'm still working on it!!

robtherockeet said...

What a bunch of BS with these Ralph bucks!! And now Alberta has family day... what about the rest of us?!!! Zaak I was begginning to give up on your blog... tell me more about your film, the Bourques were asking me about it.

Amber said...

Ahhh, what sweet things you write about me, thanks:) And I'm glad you have good gadgets so you're gifts and creativity aren't jeopardized or stifled. And so our children will be able to watch their entire childhoods when they are older:)

Sal-yo said...

Ralph BUcks, Smalph BUcks. I'm in full agreement with April. I want free money to buy fun gadjets with. don't think I'd know what to dowithit all. Hey zaak, Where did that black and white photo of a very attractive family come from? They are so cute!

Sal-yo said...
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Sirdar said...

People, people...jealousy is an ugly word :-)

Alberta has had family day for a few years now. Sorry to hear your province doesn't have it. (snicker snicker)

Here is the history of Alberta's Family Day

And the Ralph Bucks were only $400/person. I hear next year might be larger :-) That is of course if King Ralph is still King.

littledeb_04@yahoo.ca said...

I got a kick out of everybody's remarks about Ralph bucks. I feel bad for the other provinces that dont get prosperity checks. All the maritimers that are out of work...and head west. I have to admit that I felt a little guilty because of that. It sure was nice though to get it....I did share though with my little Salome...and actually for Saison to go see Zaak on his birthday.
I think we are very fortunate here....and I never take it for granted. This can all be taken away someday.

saison said...

I spent my Ralph Bucks to go to Guatamala!!! Houray for Ralph he will always get my vote! Hee Hee! Just kidding! What a funny name Ralph is. If you say it slow or fast it's just realy funny.