Kayak: Kinnear to Kouchibouguac

I kayaked with papa today from our friend's camp on the Kinnear River which joins the Aboujagane River to the Atlantic Ocean along the coast of Robichaud Office and then up the Kouchibouguac River to our place. There was some light rain in the forecast, but the weather was perfect being a little overcast, a slight breeze and a lovely temperature. All together the trip took about 2 1/4 hours of leisure paddling plus a 30 minute snack break. The route was roughly 15 km.

Wind rippling through birches and maples. Water pushing over reeds. Kingfishers diving. Herons wading and taking off in lumbered flight. Smell of salt. Sea birds flocking on the dunes. Echoes under the five bridges we pass beneath. Trout splashing as they snatch insects on the river's surface. Mother duck distracting us from her little ones.

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