Christian Tour Part 7: Roman Catholic

I thought it would be suitable to attend a service at the local church where my father and his parents attended for many years. I had been to the St. Henri de Barachois Catholic Church once before for my uncle's funeral in 1983. After the service, I took my kids to visit the grave yard behind the church to see the graves of their great uncle and great grandfather.

I arrived early (I was by myself, so this was quite easy to achieve ;) and sat in the centre and read through the bulletin and admired the simple decor. The service I attended a service on the 14th of August, the day before the national celebration of the Acadians which is based on the patron saint of the Acadians, Sainte Marie. The day celebrated for her ascension to heaven is the 15th of August and so the church was decorated in the blue, white and red with the yellow star (for the Virgin).

The song leader wore an outfit bearing the colours of the Acadian flag. The congregation followed the liturgical service with a little booklet printed especially for the week's services. Four people helped the priest direct the service with readings, prayers and attending to the instruments of the sacraments.

As with the other liturgical services I've attended this summer, the congregation participated in the songs, readings and prayers and somehow knew when to stand and sit.

The sermon focused on a gospel reading of Jesus' interaction with the Canaanite woman. I'm not sure I agreed with all of the priest's commentaries, but he did have some good insights. I was surprised at how lighthearted the priest was in the free sections amid the liturgy. At the end he had a few patriotic Acadian words to share.

On a side note, I was keen to see the actual things that represented all the swear words I learned at French junior high.

This is the old church established in 1826. It's a museum now and it hosts concerts. I visited with my father to see the pre-Vatican II relics.

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