Christian Tour Part 4: Seventh-Day Adventist

I visited the Moncton Seventh-Day Adventist Church on August 6 with my ever faithful son and my father and his girlfriend. This is the first congregation I attended as a child in 1980. The church built a new building in 1995, their third meeting place since they were established in 1892.

We joined the Sabbath School discussion at about 10 AM as Blaise went to the children's program. One of the things I always enjoyed about the SDA church was the study groups prior to the worship service. Some groups would discuss the global study guide while others might discuss other topics. This morning the topic was worship, but the topic was frequently hijacked by comments on how bad popular music is for us, especially it's proliferation and beat.

All the children joined their parents for the worship service at 10:45. A hymn song service accompanied by piano was followed by announcements, invocation, scripture, prayer, offering, children's story, and special music (a lovely a cappella rendition of "More than Wonderful").

The church's new pastor spoke eloquently on the topic of worship and service to God.

Attendees gathered for a potluck meal in the adjacent small gymnasium following the service and several met the next day to gather beans they were growing for donation to the local food bank.

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